Brigitte Nielsen: Rocking the Runway at 60

Brigitte Nielsen: Rocking the Runway at 60

It was cool to see Balenciaga in LA.

What did you think happened this past weekend in warm Los Angeles? This year, the big fashion brand Balenciaga put on a great show for their pre-fall 2024 line. They picked Windsor Boulevard, which has the famous Hollywood sign in the background. That’s right, fashion with a view! The show was all about honoring LA culture and street fashion. It brought back memories of the year 2000 with velour tracksuits and fancy Erewhon shopping bags. The coolest part, though? Hip-hop artist Cardi B and famous model from the 1980s Brigitte Nielsen walked the runway. And get this: Nielsen made a big comeback when she was only 60 years old!

Brigitte Nielsen Brings a Cool New Look to Modeling

Brigitte Nielsen was a famous Danish model in the 1980s. Let’s talk about her. She worked with well-known shooters at the time, such as Greg Gorman and Helmut Newton. Nielsen notes that Newton was more than just a hanger: “Helmut asked so much of you. When he took shots, he really made you a part of the story.

Nielsen did a lot more than just walk the runway. She also worked for designers like Thierry Mugler. One of her most memorable moments? He used crutches to get around for his 1992 show. Nielsen says, “Thierry was one of the best.” “I hurt my foot on the set of the movie.” “No problem,” Thierry replied, “it looks great with the crutches.” “Great artists take a moment and make it into something amazing.”

Brigitte Nielsen about to go to Balenciaga

Now, let’s talk about Brigitte Nielsen big comeback on the Balenciaga runway. It wasn’t easy getting back into modeling, but she was excited to work with Balenciaga, whose clothes are known for being comfortable. “It was really cool. Nielsen says, “Demna has a great attitude, and his young street style is great.” She looked great on the runway in a tight black polo shirt and black pants. “I like things that are stretchy and stick to my body.” I want to always feel like someone is hugging me. Don’t forget those over-the-knee boots that are sky-high! Nielsen says, “At 60-years-old, honey, I had to get used to the seven-inch platforms for a second.”

Being Sure of Yourself on the Runway

Brigitte Nielsen took the runway like it was a show, because being there is like being a star. She worked with Demna to come up with a walk that would show off her strength and power. Nielsen says, “I wanted to walk with a sense of confidence.” “That’s pretty much my middle name.” Being brave and sure of yourself is important in life. And seeing a broad group of people on the runway made her feel strong. “Models had to be young and skinny in the 1980s.” It’s possible for women in their sixties to still walk the runway today. I love how different the ages and sizes are. I really believe this is the new us.

Also, guess what? Nielsen will be back on the runway soon. “It’s a new chapter in my life,” she explains, “and I’m embracing it!” Get ready for more of Brigitte Nielsen’s magic on the stage!